Review Policy

Are you an author and want us to read your book?
Feel free to send us an email at:
If the book is to our liking, we will discuss which one of us will read and review your novel and email you back as soon as we can. Further down here on our info page you can read more about which genres we love to read.

Are you a publisher interested in sending us ARCs?
We would love to get early copies of books to review for you and the author. You can email us at for our shipping info. Do keep in mind that we are located in the Netherlands.
Reviews will also be posted on Amber's Tumblr, which has well over 12.000 followers. A picture of this is also added.

Are you a literary agent interested in our book 'The Nameless'?
Make sure to email Amber at her personal email We are still searching for an agent interested in our fantasy novel, but we're sure there is someone out there who will love to help us publish this.

What Amber loves:
I mostly read Young Adult novels, but do also enjoy adult fiction or sometimes even middle grade.
I basically love everything fantasy and am always ready do dive into another magical world where everything is possible.
I also really love historical fiction, especially World War I and II stories, but if it takes place during a different time period, I'd love to learn more about it.
I am not a big contemporary fan, but occasionally do really enjoy reading a bubbly love story about teenager who fall in love, I'm only a young girl after all, I need my romance from time to time.

What Shania loves:
In my opinion characters are the solid beams a book leans on. I enjoy reading a book with fun characters much rather than ones who always have to pretend to be a badass.
I am a major fantasy geek but horror is also right up my lane.
I prefer books that do not only focus around romance. Most of the time I like reading about adventures with a hint of the one true love along the way.

We would love to read and review your book, especially since we are aspiring authors ourselves, so don't hesitate and just send us an e-mail!


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