About Shania

Let's start with the usual. My name is Shania Lieberwirth and at this very moment I am 18 years old. I live in Amsterdam and go to college in the same city, where I study journalism. While being a journalist is not my dream job, become a writer is.

It all started when I got back from my first vacation. Year 2012. My dad came to pick me up from the train station and along with him, a present. Ripping open the wrapping-paper, the present soon revealed itself to be a book, Gone. Soon enough I started reading it and fell in love with the story. So in love that I wanted to talk about nothing else. Yet there was no one around that wanted to talk to me about books. And so on the internet I went. Stumbling across a site named Fanfiction.net. I made my first online friend and soon got engaged in reading these Fanfiction. The urge became to big and I started writing them myself, though never actually publishing them. And that is the story of how I started my writing. Interesting isn't it?

Now besides writing, I obviously love reading. My favorite genre would be Fantasy but I love it when a book is packed with humor and there should be the right amount of romance involved too.


My favorite book is Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer. Because well......... it's hilarious.

tv show
My favorite tv show at the moment is Modern Family, I just find it hilarious and relatable and Cameron's high pitched voice cracks me up every time.

My favorite anime at the moment is Black Butler. It's super gay, funny and has a really interesting story. Although season 3 seems to ver oblivious of season 2.

I recently saw Moonrise Kingdom which has got to be my favorite Wes Anderson movie. It's like all his other films: super quirky and I love that because I'm quirky.


Lately I've been really into instrumentals. It makes me calm and it's easy background  music for when I'm working. Click here for the link.

Youtube channel
I can't stop watching these kid's try video's from WatchCut Video, they're too cute and funny.


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